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Providing ground-based & aerial surveys, data analysis, interpretation and GIS mapping services to the forestry, land management and agricultural sectors.

Bluebells flowering in a Beech woodland
Turning metrics into insight

Incorporating the latest technology and expert knowledge

Our Surveying & Inventory service incorporates the latest woodland surveying technology, software and specialist knowledge to gather accurate forest data. Providing owners and managers with reliable information about their timber stocks and woodlands.

  • Surveying

    Utilising technology for superior accuracy

  • Mapping

    Turning imagery into insight

  • Planning

    Forests for the future

Aerial UAV image of new planting site in Scottish Highlands

Our Services

We offer a full range of Forest and land surveying services customised to your needs


Our Survey & Inventory services provide owners and managers with reliable information about their timber stocks in real time.


Our Mapping services incorporate UAV & terrestrial surveying technology to gather real-time aerial imagery and forest metrics. 


Our Planning service incorporates data & silvicultural knowledge to give you the confidence you can meet your management objectives .

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Combining expert knowledge and utilising innovation allows us to provide a solution that’s right for you

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