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Our Planning service incorporates sound data and silvicultural knowledge to give you the confidence you can meet your management objectives 

Image of orthorectified imagery taken by a drone UAV over forest in kielder north england
Stratified woodland report for a survey undertaken for forestry england

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Harvesting Plans & Forecasting

Offering a comprehensive woodland inventory stands as a pivotal foundation for effective woodland planning. Through precise data collection on volume, grade, yield, species, stocking, and variability, we provide valuable insights to landowners regarding the health and productivity of their woodland, whether it's managed for commercial or recreational purposes.

Additionally, our team are experts in appraising woodlands both before and after harvesting, ensuring accurate reconciliation and quantification of the timber extracted for auditing purposes.

These assessments play a crucial role in shaping planning documents like Woodland Management Plans and contribute essential data for financial projections, enabling informed decisions about the resource's trajectory over the years to come.

Carbon Assessments

Using a combination of field data and aerial imagery, our team excels in evaluating a woodland's carbon sequestration capacity. This holistic approach facilitates the projection of future carbon storage, considering the growth dynamics of diverse strata within the woodland.

With a proven track record, we specialise in providing periodic verifications for the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) and preparing comprehensive reports to ensure scheme compliance.

Whether as a standalone assessment or an integral part of the Woodland Carbon Code, our expertise ensures accurate and reliable insights into carbon sequestration dynamics.

Wildlife Surveys

Our mammal survey services rigorously adhere to UK Forestry and Ecology regulations, ensuring the highest standards in wildlife conservation and management. Committed to safeguarding biodiversity and complying with Schedule 1 Protected Species regulations, we specialise in surveys encompassing various mammalian populations, avian species, and livestock impact assessments.
By integrating cutting-edge techniques our surveys provide precise and non-intrusive assessments, employing advanced drone technology alongside terrestrial survey methodologies.
Conducting ethical pre-harvesting assessments and ongoing monitoring, our comprehensive surveys foster sustainable land management practices. 
We proactively address risks associated with mammalian populations and their impact on tree health and damage. Through our surveys, we can help to mitigate potential threats, contributing to informed decision-making and responsible land management practices that align with UK Forestry and Ecology conventions.

Tree Surveys

Our team excels in identifying and reporting on the extent of tree safety issues arising from tree diseases. Additionally, we can assess recoverable timber to evaluate potential products following a tree health notice, aiding in mitigating financial losses. This proactive approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of tree health, contributing to responsible land management.

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new planting UAV drone imagery Harvesting an image taken on a site being assessed for planting success in the fog a surveyor undertaking a tree health survey of an oak tree in south east england