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Forest Surveys have been providing timber inventories and forest mensuration projects to the forestry sector for many years. Employing the latest technologies and data gathering techniques we lead the industry in delivering a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

Our experienced team is focused on delivering flexible solutions, providing reliable data about woodland resources. Our services enable our customers to maximise the economic value of their woodlands and ensure the resource can be enjoyed by future generations. Combining this expert knowledge and utilising innovative technology allows us to provide a solution that’s right for you.



Samuel Fox - Managing Director

Samuel Fox - Managing Director

Leading our team, Samuel Fox brings extensive experience to the forestry industry, dating back to 2008. His expertise is showcased in successfully steering a variety of commercial projects throughout the UK, catering to diverse clients. Samuel's portfolio includes notable contributions to conservation and restoration projects within Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), as well as proficiently managing large-scale production forecasting contracts.

Beyond his commercial endeavors, Sam has maintained a lifelong passion for woodlands and the natural world. As a second-generation forester, he gained unique insights into woodland ecology and habitats from an early age. His dedication extends beyond the professional realm, with active involvement in volunteering projects aimed at contributing to the stewardship of our countryside.

Sam's comprehensive knowledge of silvicultural practices is a valuable asset. His responsibilities encompass  contract management, ensuring strict adherence to Health & Safety protocols, conducting meticulous site audits, and guaranteeing contract compliance at every phase. Under Samuel's leadership, our operations run seamlessly, reflecting a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence in every project.

Thomas Fox - Survey Manager

Thomas Fox - Director of Operations

Thomas brings over a decade of comprehensive forestry management experience, marked by a blend of operational leadership, technological innovation, and strategic foresight. With an extensive background in managing forestry projects and overseeing timber inventories, Thomas has played a pivotal role in the evolution of our forest mensuration and surveying services.

As Director of Operations, he has been instrumental in developing and implementing cutting-edge strategies and technologies to enhance data accuracy and operational efficiency. His adeptness in problem-solving and keen communication skills have fostered seamless collaboration with stakeholders, clients, and industry leaders, driving forward Forest Surveys’ commitment to delivering flexible and reliable woodland resource data.

Thomas’s notable achievements include:

Leadership in Surveying Operations: Orchestrating dedicated field teams to collect and analyse mensuration and inventory data across England and Wales, ensuring superior quality and adherence to project parameters.

  • Innovative Approach: Pioneering the utilisation of electronic data collection and advancing UAV platforms for forestry inventory, driving efficiency and precision in data gathering.

  • Client-Centric Solutions: Collaborating closely with clients to tailor bespoke surveying services, delivering valuable insights to optimise woodland resource management.

His expertise spans a spectrum of forestry functions, from advising on woodland management plans to supervising harvesting and restocking operations. Thomas’s proficiency in GIS, coupled with his commitment to environmental, health, and safety standards, underscores his holistic approach towards sustainable forestry practices.

With a solid foundation in forestry operations and a commitment to leveraging technology for industry advancement, Thomas Fox stands as an invaluable asset in steering Forest Surveys towards delivering comprehensive solutions that maximise the economic value of woodlands while preserving their legacy for future generations.

Sarah Hall - Office & UAV Manager

Sarah Hall - Office & UAV Manager

Sarah joined the team in 2022 and is from a forestry background and has very good technical knowledge of silvicultural practices. She has also worked closely with industry professionals, agencies and customers to deliver specialised services and products such as remote imaging and sensing. Sarah is a qualified UAV pilot holding a commercial drone license, she conducts flights on many projects throughout the UK.

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